Snail Bucket 5

Latest Update 30 Dec 2019: SB5 is delayed until further notice, perhaps post-T77.

pchesso organises SnailBucket 5.

Tourney Guide
Snail Bucket 5 is a tournament for individual players. There will be a preliminary stage with 2-player mini matches, followed by playoffs for the winners of their group.

– Have played in at least one TL season.
– Have forfeited no more than one of your ten most recent TL games:
tell teamleague hi

Message pchesso on FICS, or post below, in which bucket you want to play, e. g. “Hi, I want to join bucket 13. Alternatively, I could play in bucket 19, if this helps.”
Deadline for joining: December 26, 2200 FICS server time.
Fixed TL ratings as per December 26 will be used, if ever necessary for whatever purpose.

Check for more details.

FICS:: T76 Honour Roll by smallblackcat

T76 is over. We will return in the New Year; expect updates regarding T77 towards the end of January. In the meantime here are your winners, runners-up and top scorers for T76.


Champions: Mysterious_King_Moves, Runners-up: Rainbowwarriors_Azul

1st= Misteraw, Oakwell, xandor (4.5/6)


Champions: NewBlood/Leuko, Runners-up: TrickyMove

1st= kurumim, SherlockHolmes (6/7), 3rd: Aromas (4.5/5)


Champions: LightSpartans, Runners-up: NewBlood/Erythro

1st: jestrada (8/8), 2nd: marjohn (6.5/7), 3rd: brunftbert (6/8)

Congratulations to all our winners, and kudos to all who took part. See you all in 2020!

Author: smallblackcat [SOURCE: FICS]

Overview of TL76

Round 1

✓LightSpartans 2.5-1.5 Poisoned_Pawns_Curare
White Greece marjohn 1-0 Croatia danijelo Black
Black Peru rgpchess 1/2-1/2 United States aditinitya White
White Germany brunftbert 1-0 Italy sadhaka Black
Black United States LordTyraad 0-1 United Kingdom BrianJB White


Round 2

NewBlood/Erythro 2-2 LightSpartans
White Mexico MauLo 0-1 Greece marjohn Black
Black Germany oje 0-1 Peru rgpchess White
White Poland araszek 1-0 Germany brunftbert Black
Black United States jestrada 1-0 United States LordTyraad White


Round 3

✓LightSpartans 2.5-1.5
White Greece marjohn 1/2-1/2 Poland MlodyBog Black
Black Peru rgpchess 1-0  Fhjull White
White Germany brunftbert 1-0 Poland ArturPL Black
Black United States LordTyraad 0-1 Poland hajdzik White


Round 4

TheWranglerRangers 0.5-3.5 ✓LightSpartans
White Mexico mccannj 0-1 Greece marjohn Black
Black United States cayo 1/2-1/2 Peru rgpchess White
White Spain carlosvalero 0-1 Germany brunftbert Black
Black United States OldFlyer 0-1 United States LordTyraad White


Round 5

✓LightSpartans 3.5-0.5 TheLaredoRangers
White Greece marjohn 1-0 Spain jfrl Black
Black Peru rgpchess 1/2-1/2  OzymandiasZayin White
White Germany brunftbert 1-0 United States CactusJr Black
Black United States LordTyraad 1-0 Australia trueblueFICS White


Round 6

Mysterious_Pawn_Moves 0-4 ✓LightSpartans
White Sweden LNO 0-1 Greece marjohn Black
Black India thatgirl 0-1 Peru rgpchess White
White United States wojowhiskey 0-1 Germany brunftbert Black
Black United States whatcostvictory 0-1 United States LordTyraad White


Round 7

✓LightSpartans 2.5-1.5 ViKing
White Greece marjohn +:- Brazil Marlov Black
Black Peru rgpchess i/2-i/2 India Gunfired White
White Germany brunftbert 0-1 Italy Nestore Black
Black United States LordTyraad 1-0 Greece NikosGr White