TL66 :: R6 – Tales of the unexpected.

LightSpartans 2-2 EyeOfTheTigran:TheGaze
23591 marjohn vs vmp 1-0
23592 ChessWJ vs Troisvierges 0-1
23593 cjldx vs OliverIsaac 0-1
23594 TwilightShifter vs Chebein 1-0

John played his usual 1.c4 which was met with f5 and a Leningrader set up.For a while the position remained closed but after e4 John got some static targets to focus on.He planted a knight on e6 and his opponent got scared and sacrificed a rook for it.He then doubled rooks on the c-file and invaded with heavy material occupying the 8th rank and threatening mate.Black had to give the queen to avoid that from happening and John soon converted the win.

On board 2 Mart failed to keep the tension on the board in the opening and his opponent offered a draw after exchanging all the pieces.Although the position was very drawish, Mart had the better pawn structure and decided to play on.Trading the pawns on the kingside gave Mart a winning edge in the technical pawn endgame, which he converted in a win.

On board 3 Christophe played the white side of a Caro Kann exchange and managed to pressurize his opponent and to win a pawn.After trading pieces, a queen ending emerged where Christophe was still a pawn up.When white advanced his f pawn his king was suddenly driven into a mating net on the side of the board.

On board 4 Chris played an active system against 1.Nf3 and tried to open the f-file after fianchettoing his g7 bishop.After sacrificing the exchange he tried to occupy the second rank with his rook.Unfortunately his queen could not participate quickly enough in the attack and after exchanging the queens white’s free e-pawn and the exchange were too difficult to handle so Chris resigned.

Outcome of the battle is yet another 2-2 draw which does not qualify the Spartans to play for the championship.So lets make Rd. 7 a fun round and lets play without fear.



Author: Mart Renders