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T77 Honour Roll

T77 is over. We have a short  turnaround before we open registrations for T78, on April 14th. In the meantime, here are your winners, runners-up, and top scorers for T77.


Champions: Mysterious_King_Moves, Runners-up: NewBlood/Plasma

1st: schachbjm (4.5/5) 2nd: xandor (4.5/6) 3rd= axeltiger, BIONCHESS (4/6)


Champions: WorldwideWolves, Runners-up: LightSpartans

1st: rgpchess (4.5/6), 2nd: Matan (3.5/4) 3rd= avidmate, cjldx, MisterAw (3.5/6)


Champions: Mysterious_Rook_Moves, Runners-up: Eye_of_the_Tigran:The_Stare

1st: LNO (4.5/5), 2nd= drfrankenstein, PeterTrsavec (4/5)


Champions: TrickyMove, Runners-up: NewBlood/Erythro

1st: TragicPrinceFer (5/5), 2nd: pedropablo (4.5/5), 3rd=ELMIURA, SherlockHolmes (4/6)


Champions: CafeTequila, Runners-up: Mysterious_Pawn_Moves

1st= blinbolivian, KRMCHESS, tigrecafetero (4/5)

Congratulations to our winners, and kudos to all who took part!

Author: smallblackcat

Source: http://teamleague.org/index.php

TL77::R6 – A bitter end!

We had an excellent tournament against very difficult opponents, welldone to everyone!!

We missed first position by half point but we are runners up! If you look the top 3 spots its like:
1. 4.0 points
2. 3.5 points
3. 3.5 points

and shows how difficult it was.

LightSpartans 1.5-2.5 ✓WorldwideWolves
White Greece marjohn 1/2-1/2  MichaelOgbeide Black
Black Peru rgpchess 1-0 India pingupenguin White
White France cjldx 0-1 Japan Slek Black
Black Germany brunftbert 0-1  rodnojo White

TL77::R4 – A narrow win … but second match win against the same opponent!

The only thing that I would like to comment based on an unplayed game on this round is that TL is about playing games and not winning them on the rules. In my oppinion this should be the mentality and the attitude towards TL (especially during a pandemic situation or due to health reasons).

RainbowWarriorsRojo 0.5-3.5 ✓LightSpartans
White  Relu o-i Greece marjohn Black
Black Israel HaStudent 0-1 Peru rgpchess White
White England Tonyse 1/2-1/2 France cjldx Black
Black Netherlands Wapid 0-1 Germany brunftbert White