TL66 :: R7 – Caissa loves the Spartans

ChessboardDwellers1 1-3 LightSpartans
23655 Oakwell vs marjohn i/2-i/2
23656 Troisvierges vs HaStudent 1-0
23657 bretantonio vs cjldx 1/2-1/2
23658 Chebein vs GreatSachin 1-0

On the last round nothing seemed at stake anymore.

Board 1 John agreed with his opponent to an unplayed draw since the outcome of the match was already known and also to secure the half point in case of a tie for the second place.

Board 2 Mart had prepared a kings gambit where white played Bc5. With the correct strategy white developed pressure and black spent ages of time thinking.When he tried to combine his pieces were misplaced and black had to accept heavy material losses.He then decided to throw the towel in and resigned.

Board 3 Christophe encountered a fierce middle gambit and defended carefully.He came a pawn up and played a knight vs knight ending until move 74 before accepting a draw.

Board 4 Chris played d4 and an early h4 attacking black’s g6/Bg7 structure. After trading the rooks on the h-files his attack shifted towards the queen wing where black had weakened the white squares. A vicious attack emerged where white won a piece in the complications. When black countered with his queen he forgot the white bishop on a6 that kicked the black queen of the board by capturing backwards.

Meanwhile our competitors were not doing as well as expected so we gained a play off seat unexpectedly.We will now face TheRejoicingTeam_PerspicaciousStratagems in the same line up as round 2 with the same colors.

Author: Mart Renders