About Us

We are chess enthusiasts who like to play games with long time controls and TL is this all about! We live in different countries like Greece, Israel, France, USA , UK, Holland but we are a team! The current players of the team are : marjohn , cjldx, maors, Troisvierges, LordTyraad and Chebein.

Our name although it points to the Greek great soldiers from Sparta (I guess you have probably seen the movie 300!) has nothing militaristic in it. We take the game lightly and we enjoy our time on TL! That is why we are Light Spartans! So when I choose the name I had in mind a funny picture like this one :

Cartoon Spartan warrior running with a sword and shield


If you are using a chess engine while playing long time controls you are not welcome to play with us and we will report you immediately.

If you are interested in joining us please contact us.