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A tough season to remember !

TL59 is over and the fans are trying to find out why LightSpartans ended the season in the last place while the season started with big ambitions !

With three draws in the first three rounds everyone expected a win to get a boost for a playoff place, but instead three straight loses made the season a tough one to remember! It seems that the team was missing half a point at all the rounds. The last place reminded us TL57 where with a strong lineup we ended last as well.

Individually, marjohn and maors managed to held their positions in the Hall of Fame , while cjldx climbed one place. A tough season for our new member Troisvierges on board 2 and for LordTyraad who is still struggling for his first win with the team. Chebein droped one place in the standings.

If I had to select the best three games for our team I would choose  maors(1883) vs. serlok(2084) 1-0 , cjldx(1829) vs. royrogersc(1656) 1-0 and troisvierges(1881) vs. masseto(1923) 1-0. Enjoy them !

Interested in history ? Check out our History page !

Many thanks to all the TDs for bringing back to life TL !!

See you in  the next TL !!