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TL60 :: Playoffs – The Grand Finale!

LightSpartans 3-1 Poisoned_Pawns_Curare
White marjohn 1-0 Inschipupa
Black cjldx 1-0 TGV
White Troisvierges 1-0 LLIAMAH
Black LordTyraad 0-1 Galleta

We had the psycology with us since in the previous round we won them by 3-1. It proved enough to boost our performance to the limits!

On board 1 marjohn choose a very quiet line and neverthe less won a pawn out of the opening. A couple of tactics then helped to win a piece and the game.

On board 2 cjldx played excellently with his Q, put pressure on the white K and then moved to the Q-side winning a pawn. White tried to attack the black K but the center pawns fell apart and soon found himself in a lost position. A great positional victory for Cj with black.

On board 3 Troisvierges played a very attacking and romantic line. At first he sacrificed his castling right then a rook ! Soon his initiative was converted to a winning attack against the  enemy K .

On board 4 LordTyraad played the opening with great success and soon won a pawn. Alas, he lost some crucial tempi with his light squared B and white found a tactic to win the pawn back. A few more inaccuracies made him to lose the point.

Its our very first trophy in the TL series ! Hurra !!!! Great team work !

TL60 :: R7 – Best round ever!

Poisoned_Pawns_Curare 1-3 LightSpartans
White Inschipupa 0-1 marjohn
Black TGV 0-1 cjldx
White LLIAMAH 0-1 Troisvierges
Black aditinitya 1-0 LordTyraad

We won a very crucial round and most importantly both leaders in the standings lost respectively ! That gave us the first place in the final standings in the final round. How awesome is that !!

On board 1 a very specific line of the Vienna Opening has been played or you can say from the Alekhine Declined line. Marjohn sacrificed the exchange for the initiative and soon  white’s Q had trouble in the board. Another sacrifice of the N for two pawns and 3 passers were enough to bring home the victory.

On board 2 cjldx played a very cleaned game. Firstly he took control of the open file and then he put a strong N on d5.  The endgame was easily won after putting his K on d5 and capturing black’s Q-side pawns.

On board 3 troisvierges emerged from the opening with a big plus. Soon he won the exchange and after a few trades of the light pieces his 2 Bs and the R dominated the board. the endgame was easily won.

On board 4 LordTyraad after a very complex opening decided to go for the pawn exchanges in the center but lost a pawn. Shortly after he blundered a piece and soon he found himself in the defensive. He tried hard for the half point but a piece is a piece.

We go to the Playoffs with the spirit of the winner !

TL60 :: R6 – Another draw!

LightSpartans 2-2 Chude_Dziki_B
White marjohn 1/2-1/2 cytrus
Black cjldx 1/2-1/2 ziomeksee
White Troisvierges 1-0 hajdzik
Black LordTyraad 0-1 paulonioSL

Round 6 was a good one with fighting games. With a win we could overpass the team Chude_Dziki_B and would easily gain a ticket for the playoff, now with the draw still there are some chances left for that aim.

On board 1 marjohn outplayed his opponent and won a pawn on the middle game. Unfortunately he misjudged a plan in the endgame which practically locked his rook out of play and a theoretical draw soon reached.

On board 2 cjldx had some real chances to finish his opponent but missed some important moves, at the end the draw was a good result since he was down the exchange.

On board 3 Troisvierges outplayed tactically his opponent and was a piece up since move 11 ! He technically won the position by exchanging more pieces, his opponent resigned on move 25.

On board 4 LordTyraad made some positional mistakes out of the opening and got a very difficult position to defend. He tried sacrificing his Q for an escape from the pressure but in vain.

After 6 rounds LightSpartans are in 3rd place in the standing with only half point behind the leaders!

TL60 :: R5 – Draw by equalizing

TrickyMove 2-2 LightSpartans
White josecapablanca 0-1 marjohn
Black Knoeier 0-1 cjldx
White LightKnight 1-0 Troisvierges
Black Introspection 1-0 LordTyraad

The round started with a quick 2-0 for the team of TrickyMove but hopefully at the end we equalized to 2-2 !!

On board 1 marjohn got a passive position from an Alekhine against the legendary josecapablanca (!!), but the timetrouble at the endgame made josecapablanca to commit the crucial mistake and thus black won.

On board 2 cjldx played a very interesting and aggresive opening line and he tied down Knoeier, 19 moves were enough to get the full point easily.

On board 3 Troisvierges done pretty well at the opening stage even if he had the black pieces, alas a blunder at move 26 gave the opportunity to his opponent to mate via the back rank.

On Board 4 LordTyraad’s bad choice not to fiancheto the white bishop gave him a hard time. He managed to get the exchange but blacks two bishops were far stronger than his R and B.

We now dropped at 3rd position but there is still time to get a playoff ticket !

TL60 :: R4 – Our first loss!

Archbishops_ArchEnemies 2.5-1.5 LightSpartans
White rjbriggs 1/2-1/2 marjohn
Black botchvinik -:+ cjldx
White stevelco 1-0 Troisvierges
Black ciedan 1-0 LordTyraad

On board 1 marjohn managed to hold the draw after a great sacrifice from rjbriggs (300 ELO points lower) when the latest misplayed the endgame with 4 pawns against one N !

Cjldx had an easy win after the no show up of his opponent.

Troisvierges and LordTyraad fought but could not get anything from their games.

TL60 :: R3 – A draw !

LightSpartans 2-2 TheRejoicingTeam_IndefatigableImpetus
White marjohn o-i Valiantangel
Black cjldx +:- jvonhelf
White Troisvierges 0-1 michelleblue
Black LordTyraad 1-0 BethanyGrace

A dramatic draw at round 3 and with such a way !

Board 1 and board 2 were decided by the Book of Rules: marjohn lost his game because he arrived 38 minutes (instead of 30m) late against Valiantangel, while cjldx won his game after his opponent jvonhelf never appeared at all.

Troisvierges had not a good game and lost on a tactical blunder against michelleblue.

LordTyraad won a complex game against BethanyGrace. Through so many exchanges and so many lines LordTyraad should feel happy that he found his way through that labyrinth.

Still on the lead at the Alekhine’s standing!

TL60 – R2

Yet another victory for the team: 3-1 the TheRangers_RioGrande !

A smooth game. My opponent gambit a pawn at the opening but he didnt play in the spirit of the position. Lost a lot of tempi and soon a second pawn. The endgame was winning very easily
Cj got a nice position from the opening but I think he gave up too many pawns. After some exchanges the endgame was lost.
Smooth defense from Mart. His opponent sac a piece but with no real prospects of a mating attack. Mart defended accurately and the diff in material was decisive
Not too much from the opening  for Dino, he was even in danger around move 17 with a cool tactic that his opponent missed. After that he build up a nice position and the tactics at the end was in his favor. The backrank and a pin were decisive.