TL66 :: R4 – Not the best result

LightSpartans 2-2 EyeOfTheTigran:TheGlare
23455 marjohn vs Aromas 1-0
23456 kliszek vs Troisvierges 0-1
23457 Chebein vs herrahuu 0-1
23458 NeoNunes vs LordTyraad 1-0

On board 1 John played his favorite English opening and got two minor pieces for a rook after his opponent tried to combine.In the middle game he parried all the threats and managed to bring his d pawn forward and black had to give more material.Now being two minor pieces down he resigned.

On board 2 Mart found an improvement for black of a round 2 game of his opponent.He could occupy the second rank with his rooks.After exchanging all the remaining pieces a won pawn endgame resulted for Mart.

On board 3 Chris opened 1.d4 and 2.a3. After a bishop sacrifice on f2 the white king had to wander across the board being chased by the queen, two knights and a bishop.After the dust had settled white was two pieces down and resigned.

On board 4 a well prepared Dino managed to stymie his opponents opening initiative.However an invading knight on c5 cost him a bishop.In the middle game he lost an exchange and with the pressure mounting on his king Dino had to exchange his remaining rook leaving him in a lost endgame.

All in all we drew against the lowest team which wasn’t what we had hoped for.


Author: Mart Renders