TL66 :: R5 – The tension mounts……..

TheRangers_RioGrande 2-2 LightSpartans
23523 NokiaTwenty vs Troisvierges 0-1
23524 cjldx vs jfrl 1-0
23525 ernestho vs Chebein 1-0
23526 LordTyraad vs mccannj 0-1

Mart prepared a Blumenfeld gambit in which he got a strong pawn centre.He could invade on b2 with one of his rooks and exert pressure.After a counter attack one of his knights jumped in at d4 and white gave the exchange.The remaining centre pawns came avalanching down and white also sacrificed a bishop.The black d-pawn then became unstopable and white resigned.

Christophe prepared for a sicilian dragon with an early h4 thrust.He castled queenside, exchanged some pieces and grabbed the d-pawn.Leading in development and coordination, he could dicatate matters and get into a better rook ending in which he showed impeccable technique to get the well deserved win.

Chris played an unusual system with black and castled queenside.He tried to create counterplay on the king wing by sacrifcing his g- pawn.The plan backfired and all white’s pieces came swarming to the king.Chris lost oads of material and soon resigned.

Dino played the London system against 500 rating points more.His opponent had prepared an active setup.White’s king wing remained undeveloped and black won a piece.With the d-pawn threatening to advance Dino had to give even more material and decided to call it a day.

Author: Mart Renders